Women in IT Summit USA Agenda

Thursday 14th September 2023

All timings are in ET

Registration and Networking
09:00  to  09:30
Welcome Remarks
09:30  to  09:40
Dr. Ghaz Samandari. Founder/CEOFounder/CEO. 9Paths Development.
Tania Ferreira. Director of Events. Women in IT Global Series.
Fireside Chat: Asking and Answering the Tough Questions to Drive Change
09:40  to  10:10

How is the political landscape impacting tech innovation and personal development – the DEI challenges  

As we navigate the ever-changing political climate in the United States, we can't help but worry about how it impacts innovation, growth, leadership, and opportunities in the tech sector. The patchwork of regulations across states, whether passed by lawmakers or imposed by executive decisions, are targeting diverse groups, which goes against the principles of DEI. Additionally, certain leaders in the technology industry and their actions have also contributed to these concerns. This has sparked many questions about creating a more inclusive and representative industry. And here's the thing: countless studies show that when we embrace diversity, we not only drive innovation and progress but also boost profits for organizations and grow the economy of countries. 

Are we at the risk of going backwards?

Focus Areas:  

  • The current challenges within the US landscape and in relation to tech amidst political backlash and the lack of emphasis on DEI by some tech CEOs.  
  • How tech innovation and personal development can be progressed despite these challenges. 
  • How to operate as a global organisation with varying rules and regulations across states - what opportunities are there for leveraging skills, etc. 

Political Backlash and its Implications for DEI: 

  • Understand the political dynamics influencing DEI efforts. 
  • Explore the broader implications of political backlash on diversity initiatives, including the passage of laws targeting diverse groups and diversity education. 
  • Learn strategies to navigate political challenges while maintaining a commitment to DEI. 
  • Analyse the impact of this on individuals and organizations 


Francesca Weems. Senior Vice President, Director of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion and Global Lead of Race & Culture Media + Platforms Team. FleishmanHillard.
Jodi Brockington. Principal Consultant. NIARA Consulting.
Presentation: Mastering the Stressful: Unlocking Productivity and Impact in Challenging Situations
10:10  to  10:40

Exploring strategies for individuals and teams to thrive in a fast-paced tech industry and overcome stressors, enhancing productivity and resilience. It specifically addresses the experiences of women and underrepresented talent. 

Focus Areas: 

  • Practical techniques for managing stress and uncertainties in the workplace. 
  • Strategies to enhance personal and team productivity during challenging times. 
  • Strategies for individuals in tech to upskill and reskill at the right pace with the least stress. 
  • Key considerations for creating a supportive and high-performance organizational culture. 
Dr. Ghaz Samandari. Founder/CEOFounder/CEO. 9Paths Development.
Networking and Refreshment Break
10:40  to  11:00
Panel: Out of the Box: Re-imagining Tech for Women
11:00  to  11:45

Challenging traditional thinking by exploring unconventional approaches to address gender disparities in the tech industry. Senior executives discuss innovative solutions for fostering inclusivity and empowering positive global impact. 

Focus Areas: 

  • Identifying barriers to women's progress in tech and drive effective solutions for growth. 
  • How to foster frank discussions and generate transformative ideas for industry-wide change and better inclusion. 
  • How to propose paradigm shifts to significantly boost women's representation in tech through allyship. 
Nicole Simpson. Director DE&I. RAPP.
Marina Perla. CEO & Founder. Mojo Trek.
Natalie Kaminski. CEO & Founder. JetRockets.
Thamina Stoll. Global Women@ LinkedIn External Network Lead / Senior Client Solutions Manager. LinkedIn.
Networking Lunch & Meet the Speakers
11:45  to  13:00
Panel: Generative AI and AI Chatbots: Exploring benefits and applications for your tech role
13:00  to  13:45

This session aims to help tech professionals discern the value of digital transformation in AI, quantum computing, and climate tech. It provides actionable insights for leveraging AI effectively and addressing concerns. The panel empowers professionals to unlock AI-driven technologies, adapt to challenges, and foster collaboration between humans and AI for innovation and impact. 

Focus Areas: 

  • The transformative potential of Generative AI: How is Generative AI reshaping roles and organizations, unlocking new possibilities, and driving innovation in various industries? 
  • Navigate the ethics and moral considerations in AI and Natural Language Processing: Identifying the current issues around AI and its future. 
  • How to harness AI chatbots for enhanced performance and innovation. 
  • Discover strategies to effectively utilize AI chatbots and leverage their capabilities to boost performance, productivity, and foster innovation within organizations across different job roles. 
Linda Patterson. Director of Technology and Training. GenSpark.
Nikita Gupta. Co-Founder. Careerflow.AI.
Mona Soni. Technology Leader, Startup Mentor, Coach and Advisor.
Theresa Gebert. Senior Director of Product Management, AI Pairing (Voice, Chat, Channel). Afiniti.
Fireside Chat: The Future Playground: Strategies for Thriving in Immersive Tech
13:45  to  14:30

This panel session explores immersive and future technologies, focusing on opportunities and challenges for women. Panelists share insights, strategies, and examples for navigating these fields and building successful careers.  

Focus Areas: 

  • A look at the latest trends, innovations, and possibilities in immersive tech, including the AR, blockchain, and Web3.0 technologies. 
  • How women can leverage these technologies to build successful careers and thrive in the digital space. 
  • The skills, tools, and techniques necessary for success in the metaverse and related fields. 
  • The current challenges facing these technologies from bias, question of interoperability in the metaverse and its implications. 
  • How to foster connections and networking opportunities among women in these emergent technological industries. 
Nova Lorraine. Editor-in-chief. Raine Magazine.
Silvina Moschini. President and Founder. Unicoin.
Accessibility Break
14:30  to  15:00
Think Tank: Exploring tech enabled DEIB solutions
15:00  to  15:30

This session explores how technology can drive diversity, equality, inclusion and belonging (DEIB) results. It highlights the potential of tech-enabled solutions and addresses the question of effectively utilizing technology for inclusion. The audience is encouraged to ask questions and propose solutions for better DEIB outcomes.  

By focusing on the alignment of technology with DEIB, this think tank session aims to generate valuable insights, innovative ideas, and actionable strategies to advance inclusivity and drive positive change in society. 

Focus Areas: 

  • AI and Neurodiversity: Exploring the Intersection: examine the intersection of AI and neurodiversity to foster understanding and develop strategies that promote inclusivity for neurodiverse individuals. 
  • AI and Women's Health: how can we leverage technologies like AI to revolutionize women's health by exploring applications such as personalized healthcare, disease prevention, and improved access to resources and support. 
  • Reengineering Data: Looking at how data is collected to catalyze DEIB initiatives 
Trina Celeste. CEO. RizeNext.
Closing Keynote: Borrowed Screens: Leveraging Unique Perspectives for Success in Tech
15:30  to  15:50

Our speaker, a successful woman from outside the tech industry, will share her personal journey to the top of her field and provide actionable ideas that women in tech can implement to navigate their own paths. By borrowing her lens and screen, attendees will gain valuable insights and strategies to tackle specific challenges they may face in the IT industry. 

Focus Areas: 

  • Embrace Unique Lenses: Appreciate the value of diverse perspectives in problem-solving and decision-making. 
  • Overcome Challenges: Discover strategies to navigate obstacles and reach the top, even from outside the tech industry. 
  • Actionable Ideas: Gain practical insights to tackle specific challenges faced by women in tech. 
  • Empowerment and Collaboration: Understand the importance of collaboration and support for an inclusive tech community. 
  • Breaking Barriers: Challenge boundaries and stereotypes, fostering inclusivity and innovation. 
  • Feel motivated and empowered to leverage unique perspectives, apply actionable ideas, and contribute to a more inclusive tech industry. 
Ezinne Uzo-Okoro. Assistant Director for Space Policy. White House Office of Science and Technology Policy.
Closing Remarks
15:50  to  16:00
Tania Ferreira. Director of Events. Women in IT Global Series.