Women in IT Summit UK Agenda

​Thursday, 18 May 2023

All timings are in BST


Networking Breakfast & Registration
08:30  to  09:30
Welcome Remarks
09:30  to  09:40
Tania Ferreira. Director of Events. Women in IT Global Series.
Dr. Ghazaleh Samandari. Founder. 9Paths Development.
Opening Keynote: Impactful growth - Futureproofing Inclusive Tech
09:40  to  10:00

As we navigate a post-pandemic world, ensuring that tech ecosystems are diverse and inclusive is more critical than ever. This keynote will explore how organisations can accelerate impactful, inclusive growth by providing actionable solutions to future-proof tech. Join us as we discuss mechanisms for creating an inclusive and progressive tech ecosystem and what women can do to accelerate change.

Problems Addressed:

  • The lack of diversity and inclusion in tech ecosystems
  • Barriers to participation for underrepresented groups
  • The need for actionable solutions to drive inclusive growth

Key Takeaways:

  • Strategies for future-proofing tech ecosystems for inclusive growth
  • Actionable solutions for organisations seeking to increase employee wellbeing, engagement, commitment and productivity
  • Insights into what women can do to drive change in the tech industry
Priya Lakhani OBE. Founder CEO. CENTURY.
Panel: Designing for Inclusion - Strategies for Embedding Inclusion in Products and Services
10:00  to  10:40

Creating inclusive products, services, and environments is crucial to meeting the needs of diverse customers, but it requires intentional efforts to embed diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) into the product development process. In this panel, DEI and product management experts will share their strategies for inclusive design and offer practical steps that individuals can take to promote accessibility and inclusivity.

Problems Addressed:

  • The lack of diversity of thought innovation in the product development processes
  • Challenges in creating inclusive products and services that meet the needs of all consumers

Key Takeaways:

  • Strategies for embedding DEI into product development processes
  • Insights into the challenges and opportunities of creating inclusive products and services
  • Practical steps for promoting accessibility and inclusivity in offerings
Nataliia Pelykh. Product Solutions Director. Ciklum.
Kelly Olsen. Chief Information Officer. PA Consulting.
Anna Barsby. Chief Product and Technical Officer. 888Holdings.
Chloe Gillard. Global Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging Manager. Version 1.
Fireside: Women of Web3
10:40  to  11:10

What will the metaverse look and feel like for women in 2023 and beyond? This panel of experts will discuss representation, the challenges and opportunities women face in the metaverse, strategies for success and creating a more inclusive Web3.

Discussion Points:

  • Do we truly understand the scope of the metaverse?
  • The metaverse: friend or foe of underrepresented groups?
  • Strategies to ensure women have a voice in Web3
  • The skills women need to thrive in Web3 and other emergent technologies
Lavinia Osbourne. Founder. Women in Blockchain Talks.
Kasia Wojciechowska. Regional Head of Client Accounts & Head of Growth - Novus. Capita.
Nova Lorraine. Futurist, Strategist, Web3 Advisor and author of the bestselling book Unleash Your SuperNova.
Lauren Ingram. Founder. Women of Web3.
Networking Break
11:10  to  11:30
Panel: Great Resignations to Great Reinventions
11:30  to  12:10

The Great Resignation has significantly impacted the tech industry, especially women and people of colour. This panel will discuss potential growth areas for these groups in the rapidly developing world of future technologies and strategies organisations can employ to accelerate diverse representation.

It will also explore how individuals and organisations can adapt to new realities and find new ways of working and living in a constantly changing world.

Problems addressed:

  • Disproportionate impact of the Great Resignation on underrepresented groups
  • Is there really a skills gap? The barriers to progression in the tech industry
  • Strategies to accelerate diverse representation in future technologies
  • Gendered misconceptions

Key takeaways:

  • The skills needed to re-enter, pivot or progress in the tech industry
  • Potential growth areas for underrepresented groups in future technologies
  • Polices and behaviours that work
  • The importance of resilience and the ability to flex during difficult times
Sasha Burgoyne. Co-Founder & Head of Operations. TechSwitch.
Barbara Gottardi. Chief Executive Officer. Wedlvr Ltd.
Cheryl Cole. Editor. DiversityQ.
Crystal Downie. Executive Director. JP Morgan Chase & Co..
Sarah Foster-Cook. Equity, Diversity and Inclusion Lead - Google EMEA. Google Cloud.
Fireside Chat: AI and Humans – the Age of Hyper-Performance
12:10  to  12:40

This session will explore the potential of AI to enhance productivity and performance in various industries and sectors. The discussion will focus on the collaboration between humans and AI to achieve hyper-performance, the ethical implications of AI, the impact on the job market and society, and the role of education in preparing for an AI-driven future.

Discussion Points:

  • Collaborating with AI to achieve hyper-performance
  • The use of AI in decision-making and enhancing human performance
  • The impact of AI on the job market and new skills required
  • Ethical implications of AI, including bias, privacy, and accountability
  • The role of education in preparing for an AI-driven future
  • The potential impact of AI on society, including diversity, wealth distribution, the future of work, and shaping the future of humanity
Steph Wright. Head of Scottish AI Alliance. Scottish AI Alliance.
Marzieh Saeidi. NLP Research Lead. Synthesia.
Jennifer Anderson. Chief Digital Officer. Eviden.
Networking Lunch
12:40  to  13:40
Impactful Ideas Stage
13:40  to  14:25

A Competition for "Innovative Solutions" that invites members of the Women in IT community and any other interested individuals to submit their most impactful and innovative ideas for boosting representation of women in the British technology industry. The submitted ideas will be scrutinized by a panel of experts and the best ones will be selected to be pitched. The audience will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite idea, and the winning idea will be given recognition and support to be implemented to make a tangible impact on the industry. The competition aims to create a platform for women in technology to showcase their ideas, network with industry leaders, and make an impact on the industry.

Freddie Quek. Chief Technology Officer. Times Higher Education.
Faiza Choudhury. Co-Founder. Slync.
Tommie Edwards. Co-founder and CEO Of Tech1M. Tech1M.
Workshop: In the Room, Now Own It: Steps to Overcome Impostor Syndrome
14:25  to  15:10

Do you struggle with impostor syndrome, feeling like a fraud or that you don't deserve your accomplishments? This workshop is for you. We will explore the root causes of impostor syndrome and provide practical strategies to help you overcome it and build confidence in your abilities. 


  • Understand the root causes of impostor syndrome and its impact on your work and personal life. 
  • Learn practical strategies to overcome impostor syndrome and build confidence in your abilities. 
  • Discover ways to recognise and challenge negative self-talk and limiting beliefs. 
  • Develop skills to communicate your strengths and accomplishments to others effectively. 
  • Explore ways to build a supportive network and ask for help when needed. 
  • Build a roadmap for continued growth and development to overcome impostor syndrome. 
R. Michael Anderson. 3x Business Founder/Owner, Author, Psychologist.
Workshop: Am I an Inclusive Leader? Equipping Managers with the Tools to Drive Impactful Teams
14:25  to  15:10


Do you want to become a more inclusive leader and drive greater impact within your team? This workshop is for you. We will explore the essential skills and strategies to foster an inclusive and equitable work environment promoting collaboration and innovation. 


  • Gain a deeper understanding of the importance of DEI in the workplace
  • Learn practical strategies to identify and address unconscious bias and create a more inclusive workplace culture
  • Develop skills to communicate effectively with team members from diverse backgrounds
  • Discover strategies to build trust and foster collaboration among team members
  • Gain insights into how to create and implement DEI initiatives within your organisation
  • Build confidence in your ability to lead inclusively and drive impactful teams 
Sarah Neeham. Executive Leadership Advisor & Coach. Unique-U Coaching.
Workshop: ‘Key steps to becoming the role model you wish you’d had’
14:25  to  15:10

Are you looking to develop your mentorship skills and become the mentor you wish you had earlier in your career? This workshop is for you. We will cover the essential steps to navigating common challenges and becoming successful mentors to others. 


  • Understand the qualities and characteristics of an effective mentor. 
  • Learn how to establish a strong and trusting relationship with your mentee. 
  • Discover strategies for providing constructive feedback and helping your mentee grow.
  • Develop skills to navigate difficult conversations and handle conflicts with your mentee. 
  • Explore ways to set clear expectations and goals for your mentoring relationship. 
  • Build a roadmap for continued growth and development as a mentor. 
Emily Hall-Strutt. Director. Next Tech Girls.
Solutions Room
14:25  to  15:10

The Solution Room (Running simultaneously with workshops) The solutions room, which was first included in the WIT UK format for the 2022 summit series and received rave feedback from attendees, is back. You can seek peer-supported guidance on your personal branding, tech, DEI, and professional development-related problems in the solution room. We'll provide you the time and space to exchange ideas and insights.

Just come prepared with the problems you're facing from personal branding, DEI and professional development perspectives, the worries that have surfaced, and any questions you might have for other like-minded professionals. Let’s solve those problems together. 

Yota Trom. Founder. Together in Tech.
Networking Break
15:10  to  15:40
Think Tank
15:40  to  16:40

According to a recent national study by the UK Department of Health and Social Care, UK employers are failing to put in place workplace policies to assist women's healthcare needs in general and for reproductive needs in particular. The poll revealed that many respondents either didn't have or weren't aware of any special workplace policy to help people suffering from miscarriage, the menopause, or infertility. The UK has endured decades of gender health inequity.  

As more action is being taken, it is a pivotal time to bring women who are concerned together to proffer solutions to their problems within the context of organisations. 

The think tank session will take a critical look at the gaps that exist around the issues of women health in organisations. 

How can we impact change through policy, technology and innovative new insurance products that protect and cater to the specific needs of women. With your team of delegates, choose one of the three focus areas to design an innovative solution, and create long term impact as a collective 

Focus solution areas:  

  1. Organizational policy  

  1. Technology   

  1. Insurance products  

Key problems: gaps in current policies, workplace culture and women’s health, menopause in the workplace, fertility and reproductive rights, miscarriage and pregnancy loss, same-sex couples and adoption leave, parental leave and retention, insurance and women’s health, and best practices. 

Ruth Polyblank. Vice President and Partnerships Lead for Insurance. Mastercard.
Matt Johnston. Business Development Director. Syrona Health.
Closing Keynote: Aiming for the Stars
16:40  to  16:55

"Aiming for the Stars," is a call to action for individuals to strive for greatness and reach their full potential. The speech aims to inspire the audience to believe in themselves and their abilities to achieve success. The message emphasizes that everyone has the potential to be a shining example to others and encourages them to embrace their unique talents and strengths.  

Drawing from their own personal journey and successes, the speaker will provide actionable strategies and tips for attendees to apply in their own lives. With a focus on practicality and real-world application, the speaker's insights will help the audience turn their aspirations into tangible goals and actionable steps towards success. Overall, the keynote session promises to be a powerful and transformative experience for all those in attendance. 

Nova Lorraine. Futurist, Strategist, Web3 Advisor and author of the bestselling book Unleash Your SuperNova.
Closing Remarks
16:55  to  17:00
Tania Ferreira. Director of Events. Women in IT Global Series.
Networking Drinks
17:00  to  18:30