DiversityQ and Information Age are delighted to welcome you to the Women in IT Summit Asia 2023 – the summit that you cannot miss out on! 

Join us on Wednesday 28 June 2023, in Singapore, where we will explore how organisations within the tech industry can prioritise and put DEI strategies at the core of their growth ambitions.   

Our theme this year is impactful growth in an ever-changing world. We are focusing on creating positive impact and growth in the tech industry while promoting organisational growth that is impactful and sustainable.   

We will explore the following topics this year:  

Technology:  The world of technology is not black or white. Innovations can be both beneficial and scary. We will explore trending tech conversations including - artificial intelligence, blockchain, metaverse, quantum computing, green technology, and more, alongside concerns around privacy, cybersecurity, digital ethics and responsible technology.  

DEI: we will delve into DEI topics such as creating a culture of inclusion, building a sustainable DEI strategy, measuring impact, and investing in DEI, and more, alongside the importance of diversity beyond gender, neurodiversity, intersectionality, allyship and racial inequality.   

Professional Development: we will discuss the necessary skills and support for career development, as well as the importance of having policies and practices in place to ensure equal opportunity, alongside topics like remote networking, productivity, leadership, team management, adaptability, avoiding burnout, remove client management and more.   

You will gain valuable insights and actionable steps to drive positive change in the tech industry. We look forward to welcoming you to the Women in IT Summit, Asia Edition for 2023! 

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