Women in Asset Management Summit Agenda

​Thursday, September 14th 2023

All timings are in ET

Registration and Networking
11:30  to  12:00
Welcome Remarks
12:00  to  12:10
Tania Ferreira. Director of Events. Women in IT Global Series.
Jennifer Wines. Founder. Invisible Wealth.
Opening Keynote: At the Heart of Inclusion: What I Found That Matters
12:10  to  12:40

Join us for an inspiring and insightful keynote session that brings together successful women and allies in the investment industry. This engaging conversation explores their journeys, challenges, and key learnings as they built dynamic careers. 

Key focus areas:   

  • The road to success – personal and skills development   
  • The importance of mentorship, sponsorship and coaching – it worked for me 
  • Inclusive leadership – how to crack it 
  • Lived experience – me and my impostor syndrome 
  • Work-live balance: is it possible to have it all? 
Erika Maschmeyer. Lead Portfolio Manager / Director of Research. Columbia Wanger Asset Management.
Caroline Lovelace. CIO & Co-Portfolio Manager. Preserver Partners.
Let’s Talk - Diversity & Inclusion Exchange
12:40  to  13:10

Hacking new and creative options for delivering better investment results  

An open conversation with leading voices in the industry and delegates to address how to futureproof the sector by mobilizing inclusive investment strategies and metrics.  

Join industry experts in this open forum to challenge the status quo on business developments impacting the sector today, including: 

  • Accountability and measurement – the progress in reporting, measuring, transparency and benchmarking diversity and inclusion
  • Mobilizing allocators and managers for inclusive investment 
  • Plugging the funding gap for women-led investment firms and people of color 
  • Collaboration and learning – innovations breed success but is not achieved working in silos 
Rosanna Pezzo-Brizio, Ph.D.. Managing Partner. Tulip Tree Capital.
Amy Siskind. General Partner. Causeway Investments.
Michelle Thompson‐Dolberry. Chief Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Officer. MFS Investment Management®.
MonaLisa Raass Como. Executive Director. IDiF.
Networking Lunch 
13:10  to  14:00
Panel Session: Saving ESG: Stemming the Pushbacks, Addressing the Confusion
14:00  to  14:45

With increasing regulation, inconsistent reporting, and political polarization, understanding the true meaning of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) for investors can be complex. 

This session brings together experts to address the misinformation, define industry standards, and explore best practices for effective ESG management.  

Key focus areas: 

  • Why is ESG so Confusing?  The session addresses the inconsistent reporting standards, lack of clarity on ESG metrics, and transparency issues in ESG investment products
  • Resisting the Pushbacks:  How to effectively mitigate pushbacks on ESG, engage with sceptics, communicate the value of ESG, and address concerns regarding ESG metrics and reporting
  • Political Polarization:  How the politically charged nature of ESG in the United States is hampering progress in well-meaning institutions
Nidhi Chadda. Founder and CEO. Enzo Advisors.
Ivka Kalus. Chief Investment Officer. Promethos Capital.
Rhonda Brauer. President & Founder. RLB Governance LLC.
Miriam Legrand. Director of Credit Research/Portfolio Manager. Community Capital Management, LLC.
Shaheen Contractor. Senior ESG Research Analyst. Bloomberg.
Panel Session: Preparing for the Future: Building Resilient Investment Professionals in an Evolving Industry
14:45  to  15:30

Explore the changing landscape of the investment sector and the need for investment professionals to adapt and thrive in this evolving environment.  

The panel discussion will examine the impact of various factors, such as job roles, skills, career aspirations, technology, business culture, and remote work policies, on shaping the characteristics of future investment professionals. 

Key focus areas: 

  • Adapting to the evolving nature of asset management  
  • Understanding the impact of emerging tech (AI, Blockchain etc) on all stakeholders 
  • Bridging the skills gaps faced by investment professionals  
  • Creating effective teams, training programs, and learning platforms  
  • Attracting and retaining talented industry professionals
Lillian Lin. Senior Vice President Portfolio Manager. PIMCO.
Devon Drew. Chief Executive Officer. DFD Partners.
Lauren Chesney. MD, Human Resources. SLC Management.
Nichole Graveen. Head of Investment Operations, Americas. Morningstar Investment Management LLC.
Nicole Greene. Head of Global Investor and Distribution Solutions. SS&C Technologies.
Closing Remarks
15:30  to  15:40
Jennifer Wines. Founder. Invisible Wealth.
Networking Drinks
15:40  to  16:40

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